Protect your skin in Summer with Skull Caps and more as we head into summer

Protect your skin in Summer with Skull Caps and more as we head into summer

How important is Proper Headwear to Protect your skin in Summer? As the weather warms up and summer activities re-open, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself. Heatwaves across the country can increase your risk of dehydration and the sun is only going to become more intense over the next few months. It’s important to remember that no matter where you live, summer sun poses a serious risk to your health.

The sun’s UV rays can penetrate our skin, even when we don’t feel it. The intensity of summer sun is when we’re most at risk. With increasing temperatures, more people ditch the hat, wear clothing that reveals more skin, and spend more time outside.

However, sun damage can occur quickly and too much sun exposure leads to premature aging, a lower immune system, eye injuries, sunburns, and skin cancer if left untreated. Even if you don’t get a sunburn, your skin is still absorbing harmful UV rays, so it’s important to take precautionary measures when you’re outside for long periods of time.

If you spend hours working or riding during the summer months, it’s important to take the necessary methods to protect yourself. One of the best ways to prevent harmful rays is by wearing skull caps, headwear, face masks, or do-rags. If you wear a helmet during your rides, the skull caps, do-rags and other headwear at Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories American made skull caps, do-rags, headwear and more can help prevent sweat and oil from building up in your helmet, which causes unpleasant odors and premature deterioration. Plus, headwear makes wearing a helmet more comfortable and less irritating against your skin. If you don’t wear a helmet, choosing one of our many protective products will provide a barrier between your skin and the sun, which helps you avoid any harsh, long-term effects of exposure.

Sun damage can affect anyone, regardless of age or skin color, and should be taken seriously. Even if you apply sunscreen before your ride, the intensity of the sun and exposure to strong winds will wear it off. During breaks from your rides, it’s easy to forget to reapply and once you’re on the road, your opportunity to do so is gone until you stop again.

By wearing Sparkling Earth headwear, you protect your head and eliminate the need to continually stop and reapply sunscreen. For the best sun coverage, we recommend wearing both a piece of headwear and a face mask.

If you’re looking for a variety of superior quality headwear that helps save your skin from the sun, turn to Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories. All of our products give you a chance to express your personality and protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Find your new favorite headwear today!

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