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Why Choose Us?

Take advantage of wholesale and distributor pricing at Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories. Requirements:

- Valid Business License
- Purchase minimum order quantities per your level
- Valid Resale License, for tax exempt purchases

What is the difference between Wholesale and Retail accounts?

Wholesale customers have registered with their state as a business and have completed the required documentation to purchase materials tax exempt.

What documentation do I need to open a wholesale account?

Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories requires a Business License, Tax ID number, and Reseller Permit/License by the state where your business is located. We require the resale permit number issued by your State tax agency to show that your business is tax exempt. Wholesale and distributor customers agree to submit and periodically update the documents in order to maintain a wholesale account with Sparkling Earth.

How can I obtain the Wholesale and Distributor pricing?

You must create a wholesale account with the required information and send supporting documentation to accounts@sparklingearth.com. Once you have been approved, login to your wholesale account and start adding items into your cart. Please note, you must meet the minimum order requirements in order to receive wholesale distributor pricing. There are three levels of pricing, the more you purchase, the greater the discount.

What I am agreeing to?

- Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories wholesale and distributors agree to follow Federal and State tax use laws regarding wholesalers and resellers.

Our payment terms

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

- Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories wholesaler and distributors agree not to post products purchased at sparklingearth.com on third party e-commerce websites such as, but not limited to, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, etc. without the expressed written consent of Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories.

- In cases where we authorize it, pricing must be in parity to that of Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories on those e-commerce websites.

- Under no circumstances will Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories accept a business relationship where a wholesaler or distributor is in competition with us.

- Sparkling Earth Headwear & Accessories periodically reviews 3rd party websites to ensure compliance.

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