Choosing the Right Scrub Caps for Women that Express the Real You

Choosing the Right Scrub Caps for Women that Express the Real You

We've come a long way from the basic scrubs, white coats, traditional nurses’ caps, or old-fashioned Scrub Caps For Women. As the medical industry has shed some of its sterile image in favor of creating an environment that is both welcoming and comforting, now is the time to express yourself in what you wear in the clinic.

When you don't express your true self, you may feel like you're repressing part of who you are and how you want the world to see you. You may give others a false impression about that inner fire you possess. This can lead to a lack of inspiration, job satisfaction, and connection with your co-workers.

But what happens when you flip that around and say, "Hey, this is me!" in the workplace? Choosing the Right Scrub Cap that Express the real you is a way you can protect yourself and show your personal style. You look forward to coming into work each day, and you know deep down you're always representing the authentic you. But if you have questions about choosing the right style of Scrub Caps For Women, read on!

Banded Bouffant Surgical Scrub Cap
The banded bouffant hat may remind you of a chef's hat, so if you love to cook on your off days, this style may express that inner chef. But there are other reasons you may love this cap.

While the band fits comfortably around your head, the back is full to accommodate slightly bigger hairstyles and safely tuck longer hair, although if the hair is very long and/or thick, see the big hair scrub cap below. And if you have a ponytail and want to retain the two-part pony-tail look while maintaining full hair coverage, you can use the matching bow that comes with the cap to adapt your style.

You can get these women's scrub caps in a variety of fun, self-expressing patterns and colors, such as:

Abstract Circles Coral and Pink
Carnival Swirls, which contains festive earth tones and paisley prints
Holiday Tartan, red and black plaid, invoking your festive side
Pink Ribbon Collage on Black
Purrfect Kitties with adorable white kittens on powder blue
Stethoscope & Cuffs on White
Tossed Autism Awareness Ribbons
Bones of Plenty, filled with colorful bones
• And many more

Surgical Scrub Cap
Surgical Scrub Caps typically cover just the head and tie in the back for a tight but comfortable fit that will suit most people. They come down on the forehead to prevent forehead sweat from rolling. They also have a flat front and side, which makes them perfect for displaying the facility's logo or a personalized design. These scrub caps work for men and women with short or medium-length hair, so they work well with a pixie, braid, ponytail, and more.

With Surgical Scrub Caps, you can express yourself in colors and patterns like:
Mixed Chili Peppers on Black
• Dog Paw Prints
Tossed Wiener Dogs in bright colors
• Whimsical X-ray Cats and fish
Red EKG on Black
Human Skeleton Glow in the Dark
Solid Olive
Chocolate Brown
Giant Blue Paisley
Many more

Big Hair Surgical Scrub Cap
If you have very long hair, long & thick hair, or big hair, then you might find these scrub caps for women more pleasing. They look like a surgical scrub cap in front, so they're perfect for personalized messages and logos. But they have extra space in the back for you to tuck your hair, keeping it off your shoulders and back and out of your workspace. If you like, you can also use the built-in loop to let your ponytail hang.

These women's scrub caps come in just-for-you patterns and colors like
Solid Sky Blue
Heartbeats on Navy
Bright Flower Paisley
Positive Graffiti
Abstract Circles Turquoise
Solid Dusty Rose
Metallic Red Butterflies
Black Paws on Rainbow Batik
Leopard Print
Buzzing Bees
And more

Tips for Choosing the Right Women's Scrub Caps for You!
Now, that we've looked at the three primary styles and explored many of the patterns, let's take a close look at choosing a scrub cap.

Tip #1 Fit Your Hair
Always look for a good fit first. Most women's scrub caps are one size fits most, but as described above, some work better for certain hair lengths or fullness. The good news is that if you find a print you love in one style, you can usually find it another style, so starting here makes the most sense.

Tip #2 Consider the Fabric Blend
If you're sensitive to certain fabric, steer clear of those. 100% cotton will be the lightest and most breathable, but remember to follow care instructions since 100% cotton can shrink.

Tip #3 Look for Manufactured in the USA
Buying products made in the USA supports American workers and reduces carbon emissions because they travel less distance to get to you. So if either – or both – of these are important to you, please consider this detail when you buy. Buying American Made Scrub Caps also lessons your impact on the environment as well.

Tip #4 Buy Durability
When you find a few – or even dozen – caps you really like, you want them to last for a long time, and be fade resistant and machine washable, so be sure to look at these details when you buy. The sewing techniques, printing process, and general understanding of the importance of this headwear for the medical professionals who use them can make for a more durable product.

Are you looking for a new kind of way to express yourself at work? Scrub Caps for women come in a variety of patterns and styles to accentuate your own sense of style while staying comfortable, professional, and sanitary. We invite you to check out Sparkling Earth's Medical Headwear collection.

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