NECK Cooling Ties

Sparkling Earth Arctic Bandana Cool Ties (Cool Ties & Neck Coolers) are reusable and can be fastened using the included wooden bead or loosely tied in a knot.  Arctic Bandana Cool Ties are about 38 inches long and can be used as a neck cooler or as a cooling headband.  Arctic Bandana Cool Ties are made with durable, comfortable 100% cotton fabric. Arctic Bandana Cool Ties are a real must for golfing, tennis, biking, gardening, hiking, fishing and more. 

How to use your Sparkling Earth Arctic Bandana Neck Tie:
To activate your Arctic Bandana Cool Tie, just soak it in cool water for about 25 minutes.  For an extra cooling effect, refrigerate the Arctic Bandana Cool Tie while you soak it.

Our Sparkling Earth Arctic Bandana Cool Ties are also known by other names including: cooling neck scarf, neck coolers, body coolers, cool collars, kool ties, cool ties, cooling neck wrap, neck cooling scarf and more.  No matter what you call it, Sparkling Earth Arctic Bandana Cool Ties, will keep you cool while you stay active and are designed & made in the USA.

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